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The “EUROLINE-2018 LLC” (furthermore «Company») has established, documented, implemented and maintained a quality management system, appropriate to the purpose of the Company, complying with both the Ukrainian and International legislation requirements, ISO 9001-2015 International Standard and MLC-2006, aimed to improve the quality of providing services and consequently the Satisfaction of the Customer, and continually controls and improves its effectiveness through:


Recognizing, that detailed studying and the maximal satisfaction of clients’ requirements are main factors in achievement of the established objectives, the Company gives a priority to this direction in the Quality Policy. Execution of the International and National normative documents requirements during rendering all lists of services is one of basic tasks of the Company.

Bases on above-mentioned the Company provided:

  • Commercial policy, directed to the studying, determines and execution the Client’s requirements during rendering a list of Company’s services, included in a scope of Company’s activity;
  • Technical policy, directed to determine the processes, necessary for quality System functioning, its sequence, interaction and control for using, availability of resources and information necessary for providing their functionality;
  • Personnel policy, directed to staffing of Company structural subdivisions by qualified, competent and professionally trained staff, which can provide execution their duties;
  • Social policy, directed to establish the conditions of interest and feeling the personal responsibility of personnel in assurance, functioning and improvement of Company’s quality


Top Management of the Company proceed from the right understanding, knowing and accepting by all Company’s personnel the quality policy when they approve and clarify above mentioned document. Top Management, taking into account the variability of external and internal factors of Company’s work, aim to continuous improvement of Company’s quality system by means of management review of quality processes and controlling the Situation on the rendering service market.


Efficiency and reality of Quality policy and quality management system in whole analyzed annually in Company and, in the case of necessity, modifications, supplements or corrections added.


With Kind Regards,

Aleksandr Suslin

Managing Director